Monday, September 15, 2014

In Memory of My Good Friend, Corrie

Shannon with Corrie sending me a hello photo...
That's Corrie on the right. I think Corrie's middle name was Joy. When she greeted you it wasn't a demure, "Hello" it was an exclamation of your name with her joy and gladness spilling over at seeing you. It makes me smile just thinking about how she called out, "DeVaty!" in the Ministry Center, across the parking lot, and even on our phone calls.

Corrie would do anything for you ... even if it cost her time and energy, which for Corrie was a very big gift. Her illnesses often left her with little energy ... sometimes difficult to get out of bed in the morning ... but if you had a need and Corrie could help, she would make herself do it ... spending herself for you. What a gift. Corrie was a gift to us and remains a gift. Her life will continue to urge us on to love and good deeds in the Name of Jesus.

She is now dancing with joy around His throne ... probably with her earphones in and on ... and through our tears and sadness at our loss we dance with her, rejoicing that she is now free of pain and struggle and full of the joy she spread while she was with us.

Thank you Corrie for all you gave and will continue to give us. Praise be to God for Corrie Meyer, our friend of Joy and Gladness.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sam: A Lesson in Waiting at the Ready

This is Sam.
He has chased a squirrel up a tree. He has been at his tree post for quite some time ... standing and watching and waiting for another view of the squirrel. On occasion, he will jump up onto the trunk of the tree, straining to see into the branches. Maybe that squirrel is hiding there? Maybe that squirrel is going to make a leap for the fence? Maybe that squirrel will come within reach and ... he'll have him!

This is the squirrel.
Can you see him up there on the garage roof? He's watching Sam from his very secure perch. Sam cannot see him.
As I watched Sam and this squirrel play out their morning ritual, I was reminded of what it is to wait ... ready for action. Sam will stay at the base of that tree watching and waiting and circling and sitting and ... at the ready ... until he is called into the house. If you look closely at the picture his tail is wagging. He is waiting with great anticipation ... joy even! ... at what is coming. He knows that the chase of this squirrel will end ... one day ... in such fun. It may not be fun for the squirrel, but it will be for Sam!

Shouldn't we wait this way for what God has for us? Shouldn't we watch for how God is working, circle around all the things that happen and look for his handiwork? Shouldn't we sit and listen for His movement ... even when we don't see or hear Him? And, most importantly ... shouldn't we do this with joy, knowing that our Father in heaven delights to give us all good things? Yes, we should. And, we need to do it because it gives us hope for all that God wants to give to us.

Sunday's readings include the passage from Exodus about the institution of the Passover as a feast of remembrance ... a remembrance of God's salvation. Our Great Thanksgiving is that remembrance of God's saving act through the sacrifice of Jesus His Son and our Savior. He is our hope in all things and through all things. The ritual of the Great Thanksgiving is worth waiting and watching and circling and sitting at the ready ... to celebrate. Because it is in the Eucharist that we find our hope ... our Hope in Jesus. And, He is our Joy.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nobody knows the troubles I've seen...

Dear All,
The following link is for the opening chapel address by Dr. Ryken of Wheaton College, Wheaton IL. It is a powerful message for waiting on the Lord in a time of trouble ... any kind of trouble. It's about 20 minutes but worth every minute.

The link will take you to Wheaton's WETN site. Click on the video camera below the photo to watch and listen to the message.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Waiting and the Rose of Jericho

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful examples/metaphors of waiting. As you watch this video imagine that it is Jesus the Living Water that brings to life after a time of "dormant" waiting. (If you click on the link you will get the full version.)

The Rose of Jericho by Christopher Jobsen